Kyle Cares

Because God cares


Hi, I'm Kyle, and I care about you. I care about you because God cares about you. I have put this little website together to allow people who care to help and pray for others who need help, prayer, personal items, financial assistance, kind words of love, or anything else. This site will feature real people who feel less than human, either because of life circumstances, illness, hurtful words of discouragement or any combination of these things. It is my prayer that these people will be able to see that someone really does care about them, that God really does care about them, and that they are human beings who are loved.

Mostly, this site will focus on praying for people and letting them know that they are loved. However, many of the people who are to be featured on this site will have other needs such as food, clothing, personal items, a place to stay, or even financial assistance, which can be in the form of a bill payment or even a public transportation ticket. It is not my goal to take financial donations and try to distribute them as needed, because I would then become the judge of who receives what help based on the financial resources available. Rather, I will feature people telling their stories, in their own words, and asking for the help and/or prayers that they need. I will pray and provide help where I can, and will also attempt to directly match people with other prayer partners and people who can assist them in any other way. If any money must change hands, I intend it to be given directly to someone in need, rather than through a non-profit organization or other collecting body, through which overhead, operating costs, etc. would reduce the direct benefit to a specific person. I will not be acting as an intermediate party in such transactions. I will only share any information needed for financial transactions at the request of a donor, with the permission of the recipient. As some of the people featured on this site have no permanent physical address, physical items that will meet a need should probably be sent to a nearby location, but that can usually be worked out between the donor and the recipient. This site does not aim to replace or supplant charitable organizations, but rather to facilitate direct contact between individual people in need and individual people who care about them and can pray for them, help them and let them know that they are loved by someone and by God.